Hearts & Hands


There are more than 40 million family members—spouses, daughters, sons, grandchildren—and friends in the United States caring for older adults, a number that will grow dramatically in the coming years. And while many don’t call themselves “caregivers,” they often share that providing care for a loved is a rewarding, yet challenging journey—one they wouldn’t change, but one that requires broad communities of support to succeed.

The Foundation is investing in supporting their journey by elevating the importance of their efforts, strengthening those communities and networks, and by supporting providers whose resources and expertise can make the challenging journey more rewarding and easier to navigate. Similarly, paid caregivers are in more demand than ever as the “Boomer” generation ages. Family and friends rely on direct care workers to complement their support, provide opportunities for respite and bring expertise to the journey. We aim to elevate their critical roles by highlighting the often-hidden value and contributions they make to families and communities every day. We’ll do this by investing in efforts to make these jobs more desirable and rewarding with career paths designed to support their success and fill the growing demand.