Foundation Initiative:
Nonprofit Support & Innovation

Without strong, healthy nonprofits that have the resources and support to meet their mission, none of the work the Foundation invests in across its focus areas can happen.

While the Foundation works with individual grantees to help them build their own capacity through project-specific grants, it also is taking a sector view of nonprofit support as a special initiative of the Foundation in order to help strengthen communities. No one can do it alone.

For the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, this means strengthening and supporting intermediary organizations – nonprofits that support other nonprofits – and incentivizing them to begin or continue to work together as a network in service to their clients. It also means finding those moments where we can support a number of nonprofits working in collaboration to solve some of our most intractable issues. And, it means using what influence we have to understand and advocate for the issues we care about, all in partnership with the communities we serve.