James Boyle

March 15, 2023

Jim Boyle has served as the Vice President of Programs and Communications for the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation since its earliest days of inception in 2016. Established by the founder of the Buffalo Bills NFL franchise, the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation’s mission is improving the quality of life in Western New York and Southeast Michigan. Its guiding principles are those demonstrated by its namesake, pursuing innovation, encouraging teamwork, prioritizing outcomes, and centering joy are all at the heart of the Foundation’s work. As the Vice President of Programs and Communications, Jim Boyle is an essential part of upholding the Foundations principals in grant-making and communications. With a career in community, Boyle brings over 25 years of experience to his grantmaking and communications strategy. Here at the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Jim oversees several of the Foundation’s focus areas and initiatives including Youth Sports & Recreation, Parks, Trails, & Green Design, Entrepreneurship & Economic Development, and Nonprofit Support & Innovation.

Through his focus areas and external communications strategy Jim serves as a steward for innovation and investment. Boyle has spearheaded the implementation of many contemporary, solutions-oriented projects and programs, though he attests it is the power of cross-collaboration and a willingness to catalyze big picture visions that drives success in a community. Through his work with projects such as Western New York’s Regional Revitalization Partnership, a $300 million private and public regional co-investment plan, and Don’t Retire Kid, a critically acclaimed public awareness campaign on youth sports, Boyle has championed the regions he serves by encouraging resiliency, facilitating community input, and creating long-lasting positive impact.

Known for his energy and creativity when approaching his work, Boyle has harmonized dynamic partnerships, initiatives, and passion projects across the region for decades. Prior to the Foundation, Jim served as senior program officer at the New Economy Initiative (NEI), the largest philanthropic led economic development initiative in the country. Heralded as one of the most impactful economic development initiatives to date, Jim spent his tenure at NEI driving grantmaking strategy, culture, and promotions for the project. He has also served as vice president of integrated marketing at lovio george | communications + design, guiding integrated and strategic programs for many key Detroit organizations. In addition, he also served as marketing director for the Detroit Institute of Arts and as marketing manager at the Detroit Public Library.

As Jim says it, his free time nowadays is “all about the crew.” He is always grateful for a new adventure, a new perspective, or even some of the latest music, as long as it’s with his family. Jim Boyle is a proud resident of Detroit, MI, and a proud Spartan with a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University. An artist and space maker at heart, Jim has long been tied to various creative communities in Michigan. His current venture includes rustic barns, the starry Port Austin, MI sky, and a whole lot of paint. Check out 53 North to see what Jim Boyle has up his sleeve next.